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To all of our existing patients due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and an executive order coming from the governor of the state of Oregon our office will be closed starting March 22, 2020. All appointments are now canceled. Appointments will be rescheduled no earlier than June 15, 2020.

The governor of Oregon has decided that only emergency or life-threatening dental treatments could be assessed during this time. If you are in extreme pain due to a dental emergency please send us an email at divfamdental@gmail.com, please include your name ,date of birth and a good call back number with a description of your dental emergency, or call 503 559-6533.

All dental and medical offices will be impacted by this executive decision. We understand that these coming weeks or months may be a difficult time for everyone so please stay safe healthy and take care of one another.

Best wishes to all.

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to see me sooner for the procedure. Everyone was super informative on everything going on and what to expect. Nothing was done without your approval. The ladies there were extremely professional and caring. Thanks ladies! Much appreciated!

Samuel Andrea Perez

We had to come in for an emergent tooth extraction and the staff was absolutely wonderful and kind to us and answered every question we had. Thank you guys! We will see you in a few weeks.

Jamie Jenness